North Road, Darlington, Co Durham DL1 1QU
T: 01325 461222
Special Lunch Menu
Two courses for £10.00 or as individually priced
Full a la carte menu also available

Cream of Vegetable Soup with Garlic Croutons £5.50
Parma Ham and Melon slices £6.50
Savoury, Creamy Fish-filled Pancake gratinated with Cheese £6.50
Chicken Liver Pâté served with Salad and Toast £6.50
Penne – short Pasta with Tomato, Bacon and Cheese £6.50
Main courses
Escalopes of Pork tenderloin, Diane Sauce £8.50
Pollo Valdostana – slices of Chicken Breast sandwiching Ham and Cheese with a rich Madeira Sauce £8.50
Escalopes of Beef – breadcrumbed and shallow fried, topped with sautéed Asparagus and Garlic Butter £8.50
Fillets of Plaice – with finely chopped Tomatoes, Capers, Fish Velouté and a splash of White Wine Vinegar £8.50
A la Carte

Antipasto Misto all'Italiana (mixed hors d'oeuvre Italian-style) £6.80
King Prawns Cardinale (off the shell, cooked with brandy, garlic, tomato puree and cream) £7.00
Beef Carpaccio (wafer thin slices of raw beef, topped with rocket, sliced parmesan, celery strips
and olive oil) £7.00
Fresh Sardines (mostly off the bone) filled with spinach and breadcrumb stuffing £6.20
Smoked Salmon and Prawns £6.80
Pan fried Lamb Kidney and Smoked Bacon Lyonnaise (onions and brandy sauce) £6.00
Half Melon with Seasonal Fruit and Sweet Wine £5.50
Soup of the Day £4.50
Snails, Button Mushrooms and Artichoke Heart, pan fried with white wine, garlic butter on
a bed of Carasau bread £6.80
Lasagne al Forno (baked layers of pasta, Bolognese and béchamel sauce) £6.20
Escalopes of Veal Verbena (topped with cheese, asparagus and white wine sauce) £16.80
Roast Young Grouse, Game Sauce and Pomme Allumette £17.80
Supreme of Chicken Kiev (chicken breast filled with garlic butter, breadcrumbed and fried) £15.80
Fillet of Beef with Mushrooms, Brandy and Cream Sauce £20.00
Half Roast Duckling in Port and Apple Sauce £17.80
Roast Rack of Lamb with sherry, tarragon, garlic butter and cream £17.80
Grilled Ribeye topped with parsley and lemon butter £18.00
Seafood Thermidor (half lobster and a mixture of fish bites in a rich cream, brandy, cheese
and mustard sauce) £19.50
Mixed Grilled Fish Meuniere (white wine, fish velouté and lemon juice) £17.50